It’s Morphing Time: Power Rangers Heads to the Big Screen


The Power Rangers are morphing back to relevance: today, May 7, Lionsgate announced a new partnership with Saban Brands, the original creator of the franchise, to produce a live-action feature film based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For those unfamiliar with the concept, its teen characters had the ability to morph into heroes who wore brightly colored uniforms and Daft-Punk-esque helmets.

The franchise was launched in 1993 as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a television show that, the press release notes, “quickly became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States”; it made use of pre-existing footage from a Japanese action show, dubbed and paired with original scenes to advance the plot. After Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came many other Power Rangers concepts, including a 1995 movie that grossed about $66 million worldwide. In its next incarnation, the filmmakers plan to “re-envision” the characters as “a group of…

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