Wow… The child’s senses are powerful.


POLICE: Where do you live?
BOY: With my parents.
POLICE: Where do your parents live?
BOY: With me.
POLICE: And where do you all live?
BOY: Together
POLICE: Where is your home?
BOY: Beside my neighbors’ house.
POLICE: Where is your neighbors’ house?
BOY: If I tell you, you will not believe me.
POLICE: Tell us?
BOY: Next to my house, are you satisfied?
POLICE: No, would you mind if we follow you home?
BOY: I wish but I came here alone, so I must go alone.
POLICE: We can buy you candy and ice cream.
BOY: No thank you, I already got an iPhone 6 plus.

This chat can continue and continue without ending trust me. *comical*

rimless odei-nkansah. #ff #cc



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