KNUST for the past years irrespective of who cares has NEVER treated her students who do sporting activities on behalf of the school and represent the entire student body well. There thousands of students who are passed students and ten thousands who are presently aware of this situation.
Students at the expense of their financial abilities, academics, health, and etc. represent the school and get nothing in return, nothing because I personally see them as “pea nuts”. Some of the students travel as far as Burkina Faso, Nigeria, etc. without any travelling allowances or any form of remuneration to boost their morals. Some of the games these students participate in are GUSA games among many others I would not even like to mention.
Many students have been redrawn from KNUST despite the fact that they were representing the school at higher levels parallel to their academic works which led to their poor academic performances or low scoring averages but were not considered in anyway. Other tertiary institutions such as University of Ghana, Cape Coast University and UDS are greatly doing soo well in terms of all the above mentioned situations without any flaws or flop. However, the performances of these institutions at these University Games and competitions are so well that, they are highly recognized internationally for that and are also helping and contributing greatly to the sports human resources in the country at large. Above all these flaws or flops of KNUST, the school is not even paying attention to the welfare of the students who are raising the name of the school with their own sweat by even offering them or providung them with rooms on campus which is perceived to be highly subsidized or cheap and above all closer to the well established sports facilities the school is endowed with.
Greedy and selfish people in charge of these sections or sectors should think about this great institution and not their own personal gains and behave as if they actually care but do not.

Poor live KNUST, Never dream sports!!!

Rimless Odei-Nkansah. rimless17@gmail.comm. +233542929402




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