Be motivated, don’t wait for INCENTIVE
Feel committed without feeling PREVENTIVE Motiver, motivar, motirieren, motivare whether French, Spanish, German, Italian.
Be activated and don’t fall CAPTIVE
Be connected without failing to be COHESIVE
Be corrected and don’t feel too proud to be CORRECTIVE, because you might be CORROSIVE without being CREATIVE
Be motivated, don’t wait for an opportunity to be LUCRATIVE before you become objective which will definitely make you NEGATIVE yet still be CORRUPTIVE
Be a TALKATIVE in your heart and TRANSLATIVE in your mind but TENTATIVE in your soul because this will make you SEDUCTIVE to poverty without being PRODUCTIVE
Be CIRCULATIVE but be very CALCULATIVE in your movement
Be ASSOCIATIVE but very COMPARATIVE with your federation
Be motivated, you can’t advocate that without being EDUCATIVE.

Richard Odei-Nkansah


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